Twitch Ad Incentive Program Offers Creators Regular Income

Twitch is introducing a feature that will allow select creators to earn regular income by streaming with ads for a set number of hours. Called the Ad Incentive Program, it’s a way for the platform’s top creators to generate predictable payouts. Because reliable income is important and “managing ads can be a pain that takes time away from content creation,” AIP (pronounced “Ape,” per Twitch) means “no more guesswork when it comes to your monthly ad payouts. No more fiddling with ad timing.” Qualified AIP participants will receive an offer from Twitch.

“If you’re one of the select Partners and Affiliates to get one, you’ll see it in the Ads Manager dashboard. Once you accept the offer, we’ll set Ads Manager to the rate detailed in the incentive. Then, stream the minimum number of hours required. At the end of the month, you collect your incentive,” Twitch said on the company blog.

“In the example Twitch provided, if a creator streamed for at least 40 hours that month, they could receive $100 for running two minutes of ads per hour, $300 for three minutes, or $500 for four minutes,” The Verge reports. “In addition to these tiered incentives, the AIP also comes with an ad management feature that controls when ads are played during a stream alleviating the burden of timing ad breaks.”

The offers will vary by creator, with no cap on potential income earned. And creators who stream beyond their assigned minimum of hours will receive additional revenue per standard rates, explained Twitch, which Engadget says “typically collects 50/50 of the revenue that streamers earn from subscriptions, a significantly worse deal than YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.”

Twitch streamers can earn from a variety of sources, including subscriptions, ads, the sale of virtual goods (called Bits) to fans and follower donations. But not every streamer is eligible to earn money on Twitch.

“The platform requires a certain number of followers and broadcast hours before inviting streamers to its Affiliate program, which offers the ability for creators to monetize their streamers,” according to Engadget. “Affiliates who attain enough followers and views can then take part in the more lucrative Partner program. But maintaining a consistent fan following is incredibly hard, and many creators burn out due to the many hours required.”

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