‘Silicon Valley’ Season 2 Premiere to Stream for Free on Twitch

HBO recently announced it plans to stream the second season premiere of “Silicon Valley” on Twitch, Amazon’s streaming service for game enthusiasts. The episode will stream free of charge starting next Wednesday, April 8. Cast members are expected to participate in a live stream discussion, which will be made available on Twitch before the episode begins streaming. The partnership not only helps Twitch expand its content offerings, but also allows HBO to reach a wider, younger audience. 

hbo2According to The Verge, HBO has positioned its “Silicon Valley” cast members, including lead actor Thomas Middleditch, as real-life gamers similar to the characters they play on camera. In fact, Middleditch reportedly had a Twitch account to begin with.

Originally, Twitch began as the digital destination for live gameplay broadcasts. The service later grew and began adding features, such as an interactive chat room that runs live alongside the video broadcasts.

And just a few months ago, Twitch secured an exclusive streaming partnership with the Ultra Music Festival. “The company has pushed aggressively to expand its repertoire beyond videos games,” The Verge reports.

On the other side of the deal, HBO is expected to have an equal payoff. With about 100 million active monthly users belonging to Twitch, HBO has an opportunity to further expand its brand and engage new potential customers.