PlayKids TV App: Movile Announces New Content for Children

Latin American mobile entertainment specialist Movile hopes to compete with Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited offering and the Netflix Just for Kids UI by targeting children who watch video content on tablets. Movile’s PlayKids TV iPad app launched four months ago in the U.S. The company has now secured rights to shows from PBS, DHX Media, Henson and Televix Entertainment, including “Caillou,” “Super Why!” and “CareBears.” PlayKids will offer children 2-5 years of age up to 30 shows in addition to games and lullabies.

“PlayKids offers access to one episode per show for free, and parents have to pay $5 per month if their little ones want unlimited access,” reports GigaOM. “Of course, PlayKids isn’t the only app offering this kind of fare. And Netflix is only $3 more, but arguably has a much bigger catalog. So how exactly does Movile want to compete?”

According to Eduardo Henrique, Movile co-founder and head of U.S. operations, the company is focused on the preschooler crowd, which prefers different shows and games than older kids. Movile is also emphasizing age-appropriate content and plans to include additional monitoring tools to its app.

“I don’t want to compete against Netflix on the sofa,” Henrique told GigaOM. “I want to compete in the car, on the plane, in the restaurant.” Since the PlayKids app offers downloads rather than streaming content, it can be used in places where Netflix is sometimes limited due to connectivity issues.

“As a mobile content provider in Latin America, the company has learned how to deal with infrastructure and connectivity challenges,” explains the post. “Henrique believes that this will help as it is looking to launch localized versions in other countries. Movile launched PlayKids in Brazil, and expanded to the UK last month. Now, it’s looking to have the app available in a total of 20 markets within the next two months.”

Movile’s PlayKids TV app is available for Android in the Google Play store and iOS in the iTunes App Store.

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