New App Brings the Magic of Disney Animation to the iPad

Disney has launched a $13.99 iOS app for the iPad that explores the animation and history of all 53 animated Disney films. “Disney Animated” features interactive images, multi-layer animated clips, interviews with animators — and allows users to animate authentic Disney 3D character models and control a Disney visual effects simulation. The comprehensive app is a collaboration between Disney Interactive, Walt Disney Animation Studios and London-based app studio Touch Press.

“In all, there are 750 interactive illustrations, with over 400 short animation clips, 350 images from Disney’s archives (including backgrounds, concept art, character sketches, and super-zoomable storyboards),” reports TechCrunch.

“This app is entertainment and educational, but it’s also like a museum,” explains David Reynolds, Disney’s head of social media. “Looking at this opportunity to tell the story and our rich legacy, and you will only see that with full access. It just felt like the right time.”

Reynolds told TechCrunch that consumers who purchase the Disney Animated app will receive free content upgrades in the future, but there are no current plans for an Android version.

“Disney Animated is organized like an interactive book,” explains Mashable. “Each section or chapter is represented by a button with a clip from one of Disney’s movies playing on it. Sections range from story and visual development to animated character development and music design. In each section, you can read through a basic overview of the topic on book-like pages and tap into additional accompanying materials.”

Some additional features from the release notes:

  • Rotate treasured artifacts from the locked vaults of The Walt Disney Animation Research Library, as well as modern 3D computer models, as if they were in the palm of your hand.

  • Animate Vanellope from “Wreck-It Ralph” using a simple but powerful 3D animation package adapted from real Disney computer software. Export your animations and share by email or social media.

  • Control the path of Elsa’s magical snow from the upcoming film “Frozen” using an authentic replica of the visual effects animation system used in the movie. Export your creations and share by email or social media.

  • Swipe through a complete timeline of every Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film, with clips from hundreds of characters, dozens of recently uncovered trailers, and promotional featurettes from historic films.

“The whole experience is magical and truly amazing to play with. It’s something you’ll have a hard time putting down,” suggests Mashable. “At $13.99, Disney Animation is pretty expensive. But the access that the app gives Disney fans makes that price tag seem like a bargain. Disney fans will likely return over and over and again.”