Mobli Updates its App for Live Broadcasting from Your Phone

While many consumers turn to Skype and FaceTime for live video conversations, Israeli company Mobli promises that the tech behind a new upgrade to its photo-sharing app will introduce the potential for millions of people to see what an individual smartphone lens is seeing. An update to Mobli’s app yesterday allows users to stream live video from their phone to a large audience in real time. This opens the possibility for journalists or performers to broadcast without the need for expensive cameras or satellite trucks.

“Mobli’s CEO and founder, Moshe Hogeg, hears lots of comparisons of his photo-sharing app to its more famous competitor Instagram, which is owned by Facebook,” reports CNNMoney. “Hogeg believes the app’s new video-streaming feature will set his company apart from the crowded photo-sharing market.”

“There’s Coca-Cola and there’s Pepsi; there’s WhatsApp and there’s WeChat,” he says. “And we think the world is big enough to have a few companies in the same industry.”

Internet connectivity speeds and the quality of mobile devices continue to pave the way for simpler approaches to live streaming.

“For the moment, you need to have the Mobli app to watch a live broadcast, but the company says in a matter of weeks anyone will be able to watch the streaming video on a website regardless of whether they’re a Mobli user or not,” explains the article. “Mobli says soon it will also launch a pay-per-view aspect to the new video feature where celebrities could charge users for viewing live performances. Mobli would take part of that payment.”

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