Google Fiber Tracking System Has Potential for Targeted Ads

Google is testing a new TV ad-tracking system in Kansas City. The technology is reportedly similar to that used for measuring online ad views. The system could represent the Holy Grail for today’s advertising since it potentially provides targeting on a scale never before made possible. While the gross ratings point based on Nielsen viewers remains the industry standard, relatively few households have Nielsen boxes. However, every Google Fiber subscriber has a Google Fiber box, which could be used to target consumers.

tvremote“Fiber TV ads will be digitally delivered in real time and can be matched based on geography, the type of program being shown (sports, news, etc.), or viewing history,” Google explains. “Like digital ads, advertisers will only pay for ads that have been shown, and can limit the number of times an ad is shown to a given TV. We’re excited to see how this test progresses, and we’re looking forward to hearing from local businesses and viewers along the way.”

According to the company, viewers also have the ability to opt out of ad delivery based on their household viewing history.

“The ads will show during existing ad breaks in much the same way that local buyers like car dealerships or restaurants can buy airtime from a national cable provider in a specific market (Time Warner Cable has specific advertising time reserved in Cincinnati for people who just want to advertise there, for example),” reports Adweek.

“But these ads will show on both live TV and DVRed programs — in other words, if you save Sunday’s ‘Walking Dead’ until Wednesday, you might get ads for a sale at the Oak Park Mall that starts on Thursday.”

“A tightly targeted, efficient advertising system brings benefits for Google, the advertisers, and (in theory) the viewers — you might actually see something you’re interested in picking up,” notes Digital Trends. “As Amazon and virtually every other online retailer has proved though, targeted advertising isn’t always as accurate as it could be.”