Fan TV App Offers TV and Movie Discovery for Cord Cutters

Fan TV has launched a revamped mobile app that works as a discovery engine to help users keep track of the TV shows and movies they want to watch via streaming services or as paid downloads. To find a show or movie, users simply search the title and the app runs a query across the 44 different services that it tracks. If not readily available, the search is stored and users receive an update at a later date when a title has become available. The company also has a $149 device with a touch remote that combines live TV, VOD and streaming services.

Fan_TV_iOS_AppAn earlier iPad and iPhone version of the Fan TV app functioned solely as a video playback platform. According to TechCrunch, the company “realized the experience their users desired for the iPhone was not playback, but rather content discovery… iPhone users were doing more searches and using the app to better manage their entertainment choices,” as opposed to actually watching videos on their devices.

The app includes a WatchList feature that lets users keep track of shows and movies across various services. Users only need to input their search once into the app and it simultaneously covers streaming and digital download services including Amazon, Fandango, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, iTunes, Netflix and Vudu.

Fan TV reportedly has 2.6 million iOS users. While there is no Android version presently available, the company plans to launch a mobile version of the service that is compatible with Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.