Facebook Picks Up Redkix to Enhance Workplace Messaging

Facebook aims to beef up Workplace, its enterprise messaging competitor to Slack, with the acquisition of email startup Redkix’s talent and technology. Facebook plans to enhance the communication functionality of Workplace with the Redkix app that combines email, calendar and messaging features. Facebook did not reveal specifics regarding integration of the technology or the acquisition financials. The Redkix app is expected to shut down, while.the company’s employees — including CEO Oudi Antebi and CTO Roy Antebi — will join the Facebook Workplace team.

“Workplace, which is used internally by Facebook employees, is a lot like the regular, consumer version of Facebook,” according to Recode. “That means it has features like messaging and groups, but not more traditional office features like email and calendars.”


“When we launched our enterprise application, our vision was to build a centralized, inclusive, and modern platform for work,” explains the Redkix co-founders. “By embracing email as part of the solution, we set out to open up participation, eliminate silos, and connect everyone at a company. As a result, we’ve seen how companies thrive when people work together.”

“Bringing people closer together is at the core of Facebook,” they added. “Workplace brings this mission to enterprises to make them more connected and productive. We’re aligned with their vision and excited to work with them to help companies collaborate and get work done.”

Workplace debuted in 2015 and 30,000 businesses currently use it. Recode suggests, “It’s still tough to tell where Workplace fits into Facebook’s broader plan, though. Facebook is primarily an advertising business, but it doesn’t sell ads inside Workplace — it sells subscriptions.”