Cinemizer HMD Ideal for On-Set Shooting and VR Experiences

In one corner of the Zeiss NAB booth filled with video cameras and lenses, the latest model of the Zeiss Cinemizer head mounted display is plugged into a video camera. The Cinemizer features dual 870×500 pixel OLED displays. An optional soft-rubber Eye Shield blocks out all external light. Once plugged into the camera via a standard HDMI connector, the camera operator sees exactly what the camera sees. The camera controls can be overlain on the image, just as they can appear in the eye piece or screen on the camera itself.

As with previous models, the Cinemizer has dual diapter dials, so the focal point for each eye can be adjusted (-5 to +2) for comfortable viewing.

The Cinemizer can be directly connected to the camera for hands-on control — or it can be used as part of a solution to view and control video captured by drones and other remote cameras. The Cinemizer enables the camera operator to be completely immersed in the frame.

An optional headtracker module slides into the ear piece on the glasses and uses a USB connector. Because the Cinemizer also has built-in headphones, the combination is a full virtual reality head mounted gear solution.

The Cinemizer is priced in the $800 range, depending on options and attachments selected.

For more information, check out the Zeiss Cinemizer OLED page or Zeiss First Person View page.

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