CES: Superimaging Creates New Clear Window Display Tech

Last year we told you about VideowindoW, a high resolution clear-glass display that transforms windows, including the entire glass curtain of a skyscraper, into a black and white video screen. This year at CES, Superimaging Display showcased a proof-of-concept demo of a simpler approach to transparent window displays. The company has developed a thin film embedded with nanophosphors that display visible RGB images when excited by ultraviolet light from a DLP projector. The thin film can be attached to any glass surface, and the image is visible but translucent in daylight.

Superimaging is an advanced materials development research lab based in Fremont, California with many years of industry- and government-funded R&D work, including projects with the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Department of Energy and NASA. Its commercial partners include GM, Volkswagen and Texas Instruments, among others.

According to its website: “Superimaging develops advanced photo-emissive films that convert any glass window or vehicle glass to a haze-free transparent emissive heads-up display screen, with unlimited viewing angles.”

Superimaging hopes to find support to commercialize the product it demonstrated at CES, a technology that could have applications related to advertising, exhibition, sports and more.

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