Augmented Reality Glasses: Vendors Talk Now, Release Later

The main message from many of the AR glasses vendors on the CES show floor was that their current technology meets market needs, but they already plan to release major improvements on the current product line within the next year. Some of them demonstrated working prototypes of those next-generation glasses. Others had non-working mock-ups with descriptions of technical specifications that they said were close enough to the planned deliverable to be discussed publicly. We saw solutions from companies such as Osterhout Design Group, NuEyes, QD Laser, Lumus and Vuzix. Continue reading Augmented Reality Glasses: Vendors Talk Now, Release Later

IMAX with Laser Debuts with “The Walk” to Positive Reviews

IMAX debuted its new IMAX with Laser digital projection system in London; Dubai; Los Angeles; Seattle; Reading, Massachusetts; and Chantilly, Virginia. The new projection system, which offers 4K resolution, Rec. 2020 color space and up to 60 fps, made use of 120 patents the company exclusively licensed from Kodak. IMAX says the contrast ratio is double that of IMAX 15/70mm film and higher than the 2500:1 contrast ratio of its Xenon lamp systems. The first movie to debut on the system is “The Walk” in 3D. Continue reading IMAX with Laser Debuts with “The Walk” to Positive Reviews

CES 2013: Texas Instruments Cautious About 4K for the Home

Texas Instruments was on hand at CES with its DLP Pico Projectors, which can be used for applications from business to the home. The company of course also makes the 4K DLP Cinema chip found in digital cinema projectors from Barco, Christie and NEC, but TI’s strategic production manager Tony Adamson showed caution when asked about 4K for the home. Continue reading CES 2013: Texas Instruments Cautious About 4K for the Home

Runco LS-1: Affordable DLP Projector Hits Shelves Next Week

  • Runco has unveiled a single-chip 1080p projector based on the DLP chip from Texas Instruments.
  • The LS-1, the latest addition to Runco’s LightStyle Series, will be available this month for $3,995 (MSRP).
  • The company claims the unit offers “exceptional color and detail,” due largely to the Digital Light Processing technology.
  • The projector also features Runco’s SuperOnyx with ConstantContrast, ViVix digital video processing, and the ISF calibration suite for adjustments based on room and lighting conditions.
  • The unit’s exterior can be customized via Runco’s FinishPalette, offering a wide range of custom prints and colors. Additionally, with a simple touch of a button users can switch from 16:9 content to 2.35:1 content, without black bars.

Mitsubishi Announces its Exit from the LCD TV Market

Mitsubishi has announced that it is exiting the LCD TV market this year to focus on its DLP rear projection business. The company is the only maker of rear projection TVs sold in the US.

HD Guru explains that Mitsubishi made an early transition from big screen CRT models to lamp driven microdisplay sets. As the industry moved to flat panels, Mitsubishi opted to rely on outside vendors for its LCDs.

Mitsubishi currently offers 2010 models from 60-82-inch screen sizes, all with 3D capability. According to HD Guru: “Rear projection provides viewers with the biggest HDTV screens for the lowest prices in the industry, starting at under $850 for the 60-inch model widescreen 1080p HDTV and under $1200 for a 73-inch.” As a means of comparison, a Samsung 65-inch 1080p LED HDTV is presently offered at over $4000.

Mitsubishi 2011 rear projector models will be offered in sizes 73-inches and above.  At January’s CES, the company announced a 92-inch model to ship later this year.