Cartoon Network Anything App to Experiment with Micro-Content

Cartoon Network plans to launch a “micro-network” later this year that will feature 15-second content bites that only play through a smartphone app. The purpose of these videos, polls, games and trivia is to deliver device-specific content. Unlike the current Watch Cartoon Network app, which requires a cable subscription, Cartoon Network Anything will be accessible to everyone. The short form content will be updated regularly to match consumers’ reduced attention span common during smartphone use.

The micro-network will constantly update 15-second content bites, and users will have the ability to skip clips to find new ones.

“The content will be a mix of interactive and video content, games, and potentially even new animations or shorts,” reports The New York Times. “You can ‘like’ the content as you watch, and Cartoon Network will be watching to see which are the most successful.”

The concept was created when the company noticed a drastic increase in the use of smartphones to view content on Cartoon Network’s website. Cartoon Network is trying to be easily accessible to viewers on any device through Cartoon Network Anything.

Cartoon Network is solving many viewers’ frustration with watching TV shows on a mobile device, most of which merely mirrors what is shown on a laptop screen in a minimized, harder to see version.

“An experiment like Cartoon Network Anything bridges the gap a bit by investing in new content made specifically for phones,” notes the article. “If it’s successful, it could carve a path for new media (and ad) models that take advantage of the unique properties of digital content: It can be whatever and wherever you want it to be.”

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