Augmented Reality App Offers Custom Views of IKEA Catalog

IKEA is launching an augmented reality app that works in conjunction with its AR-capable catalog. Consumers can visualize virtual furniture layouts by essentially superimposing furniture on top of the live view of a smartphone or tablet camera. Consumers select a piece of furniture from the catalog, and point their mobile device toward the physical catalog as a reference point for angle, light, position and size. A virtual version of the furniture will then appear on the device.

“The augmented reality technology allows for color accurate and size accurate pieces of virtual furniture to placed around the house,” explains Business Insider. “The app works by overlaying digital models of IKEA’s furniture over real-time video of your house interior.”

This is a continuation of augmented reality catalogs from the furniture maker, reports Digital Trends. For the 2012 catalog, IKEA released a version where consumers could view inside furniture by using a smartphone while hovering over the printed pages.

IKEA hopes that the new app will reduce item returns due to room measurement mistakes. The AR app for Android and iOS will be released on August 25th.

A video demonstration of the IKEA app can be found at YouTube and both articles listed above.

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