Apple Clips 3.0: New Interface, Multiple Aspect Ratios, HDR

Three years after Apple released its simple video creation app named Clips, the company is updating the app to Clips 3.0, now available in the App Store. Apple streamlined the interface with the intent of making it faster and easier to add effects. Also new are full-screen browsers on the iPhone to make it easier to record and include effects. Version 3.0 lets video creators access multiple aspect ratios, including vertical and horizontal, to accommodate Instagram Stories, Snapchat, YouTube and other popular platforms.

Engadget reports that, “Apple has paid particular attention to the iPad version of Clips, with the company adding support for both capturing and editing video in landscape orientation.” In previous versions, Clips was “limited to square videos,” and the default aspect ratio on Clips on iPad will be 4:3.

The iPad version will now also work with a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad, and “with Scribble support, it’s also possible to use an Apple Pencil with the software to add text.” Apple has also “optimized Clips to take advantage of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro’s HDR capabilities.” By using the rear cameras, the creator can “capture videos that feature better contrast and more vibrant colors.”

Apple also unveiled “eight new stickers, six additional arrows and shapes and 25 royalty-free songs.”

In the press release, Apple vice president of apps product marketing Susan Prescott stated that, “since its introduction, Clips has become one of the most popular iOS video creation apps, and millions of projects are made every day with it.”

“Users love how easy it is to create fun, expressive videos for sharing with friends, family, and classmates with just a few taps on their iPhone or iPad screens,” she said. The redesigned interface features a “record screen that floats on top of the viewer when shooting vertically or horizontally … [and] users can view more content at once with redesigned Effects, Media, and Projects browsers.”

The interface for iPad features “large Effects browsers and an easy-to-reach record button.”

With the aspect ratio options, “all filters, posters, Live Titles, and Selfie Scenes have been updated to record in all-new sizes for the perfect finishing touch on a new post.” With regard to HDR, Clips users can record HDR footage “directly into their project and add more HDR photos and videos from their Photos library” and can share the final video “automatically as a Dolby Vision HDR file.”

Apple Eyes the TikTok Generation with an Updated Version of Clips, TechCrunch, 10/28/20