Amazon Rolls Out Social Influencer Program to Market Goods

Amazon hopes that YouTube celebs and Instagram stars can help market brands and recommend products found on the popular e-commerce site. The company has quietly launched a beta test of its Amazon Influencer Program, which allows social media influencers to apply to participate in the initiative and earn commissions on products sold. The new program is designed to work with influencers who have significant followings and regularly post content related to shoppable content across “all tiers and categories,” according to Amazon.

Shoppers will have the option of browsing a curated selection of recommended products via unique vanity URLs on Amazon’s domain (the URLs could easily be placed in the comments section of YouTube vids or on other platforms such as Instagram). Clicking on a product takes the user to a profile with thumbnail image, pricing, Prime status and a product description.


“Similar to the Amazon Affiliate program, the new program will offer influencers commission on products sold, but is not open to the public,” reports TechCrunch. “One of the key things that makes the new Influencer program different from Amazon Affiliates is its exclusivity. Today, anyone can sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate, which lets you build links and shopping ads that you can use on your own website or blog. When a reader clicks through to buy the product, the affiliate receives a commission on those sales, which varies by product type.”

However, Amazon Influencers need to submit an application in order to be considered for the program. In addition to a large following, Influencers will be considered based on metrics including “fan engagement on posts across a variety of social media platforms, quality of content, and the level of relevancy for Amazon.”