Adobe Promos GenStudio for Brands and New Microsoft Deal

Adobe’s upcoming GenStudio for marketers and an expanded agreement with Microsoft to integrate the Adobe Experience Cloud’s customer insights and generative AI from Firefly directly into Copilot were the big buzz at Adobe Summit 2024, which wrapped Thursday after four days in Las Vegas. Currently in beta, GenStudio will allow advertisers and brands to quickly plan campaigns and create ads, then activate, manage and measure the results with native integrations across Adobe Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud. General release is expected later this year, with pricing to be announced.

“GenStudio effectively serves as a centralized hub for promotional campaigns, providing things like brand kits, copy guidance, and preapproved assets alongside a bunch of generative AI-powered tools that can generate backgrounds and ensure the overall tone remains on-brand,” reports The Verge.

“These tools also allow users to quickly create ads for emails and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn,” ultimately revealing “which attributes, generated assets, and campaigns are performing best, which Adobe suggests can then be used to direct AI prompts for other campaigns.”

The GenStudio concept was introduced at Adobe Summit 2023 as part of the company’s big push for its flagship Firefly generative AI models. More details, and a big push toward enterprise, were the emphasis here.

Journey Optimizer will let B2C and B2B brands “enhance journey orchestration with timely, personalized experiences,” Adobe says in a Summit 2024 news summary. Firefly is also getting a new feature, Structure Reference, which will interact with Adobe’s Style Reference feature for speedy creative control.

As for the amplified partnership with Microsoft, “Adobe will lend relevant marketing insights and workflows from Adobe Experience Cloud to Copilot for Microsoft 365,” says Gadgets 360, explaining that “as a result, users who use both Adobe products and Microsoft apps such as Outlook, Word, or PowerPoint can now easily share the data across platforms to create and build marketing campaigns and strategies.”

Copilot will be able to access data from Adobe tools including Customer Journey Analytics and Adobe Workfront while using the Microsoft Office suite.

From within apps like Word, Outlook and Teams, users will be able to ask Copilot questions — for instance, about the status of a marketing project, or outstanding approvals — and get actionable insights, as well as develop creative briefs, create content, manage content approvals, deliver experiences and more, per a Microsoft announcement.

An expanded partnership with the Atlanta-based AI audit and compliance firm OneTrust was also announced as part of Adobe’s enterprise initiative.

Adobe Launches Real-Time CDP Collaboration with Partner NBCUniversal, MediaPost, 3/26/24

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