Snapchat to Debut Memories to Save, Tweak, Re-Share Snaps

Next month, Snapchat will introduce Memories, a new feature designed to let users save favorite photos and videos, re-edit them by adding filters and text and then re-share the latest versions. Included is a search function that lets the user search Memories by date, location or keywords. Prior to Memories, a Snapchat user could save a photo or video by downloading it to her smartphone, but couldn’t view it in the app or share it. Memories still does not allow a Snapchat user to save a photo/video sent by someone else.

The Wall Street Journal reports that, “by creating a bank of photos and videos, Snapchat users will help train the company’s object recognition technology to sort snaps visually,” allowing the company to start catching up with Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Google, all of which already do so.


Once a user updates the app, he can swipe the camera screen to access saved snaps. The Memories feature frames a re-shared photo or video to indicate to the receiver that it’s an archived item.

The last new feature that Snapchat launched was in 2015, when it introduced Discover, which curates publisher content. In 2014, the company debuted Live Stories, which aggregates snaps on a specific topic from users around the world.

WSJ points out that Snapchat is both “a haven for in-the-moment millennials and a new attraction for tech-savvy older audiences.” According to comScore, 38 percent of U.S. smartphone users 25- to 34-years-old use Snapchat compared to 14 percent of those over 34. In May, after a new $1.8 billion in funding, the company was valued at almost $18 billion.