Snap Offers Metrics for Creators to Avoid Exodus to Instagram

Snap is instigating a move to “separate the social from the media” on Snapchat, which, in part, will be represented by an interface redesign that distinguishes between Snapchat friends and professional content creators. Creators who have large followings, including so-called verified Snapchatters, will now, for the first time, have access to a variety of metrics, including engagement, demographics and story views, by year, month or week as well as how long viewers spent with each story.

VentureBeat reports that, “creators will now also be able to see a breakdown of their audience demographics by gender, age, geography, and interests,” and that “Snapchat will now display daily reach and engagement figures, such as the number of unique viewers and the average time they spent watching.” The metrics will enable creators to better hone their content and draw in more revenue.


Snap reports that its daily active users “grew from 178 million to 187 million in the last quarter, while its revenue jumped 72 percent to $285.7 million.” It also released its Marketing API, “now available to all developers, meaning any third-party company can now leverage Snapchat’s targeted advertising smarts.”

Bloomberg reports that Snap’s latest move could “help reverse an exodus to Instagram,” adding that “digital influencers were having trouble making money off the app because of the lack of data about their Snapchat audiences.” Marketing analysis firm Capitv8 reports that, in Q4 last year, “digital comedians created 23 percent more content on Instagram Stories than on Snapchat” and “lifestyle influencers more than doubled the amount of content on Instagram Stories compared with Snapchat.”