Samsung and Oculus Collaborate on Virtual Reality Headset

Engadget has an update to the recent reports of Samsung working on an unannounced virtual reality headset. Samsung is reportedly working with Facebook-owned Oculus VR on a media-focused headset. Samsung is working on the hardware side of the product, including next-gen OLED screens, while Oculus is handling the software side. The headset will be navigated via motion and voice, using either a paired game controller or as a standalone device.

samsung31“Rather than having its own screen, Samsung’s VR headset uses your phone directly,” Engadget reports. “It plugs in using an existing port on your phone (think: micro-USB) and becomes the screen. The headset itself has built-in sensors — an accelerometer at the very least — so any motion-tracking functionality is offloaded from your phone’s processor.”

“We were also told that the OLED screens that Oculus is getting as part of the deal are of higher resolution than 1080p, and that the screens will also be used in at least some of Samsung’s next flagship phones.”

The headset is expected to run either a new version of the Galaxy S5 or its successor, and is expected to run as a media player as well.

Gaming experiences are said to be pared down, and there’s no guarantee it’ll ship with a gamepad,” explains Engadget. “This means that, while it’s a gaming device, and there are VR games in the works right now for Samsung’s headset, it’s intended for a much larger market than just the early adopters who’ll take a chance on VR.”

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