People Can’t Get Enough of the Peach Social Network App

It looks like the next big thing in the world of mobile apps could be yet another social network and messaging service. Peach allows users to share statuses, pictures, locations, GIFs and songs. People can also like their friends’ posts and send each other emoji. It sounds very similar to every other social networks available today, but due to Peach’s functionality and short-cut feature for sharing, it has caught the interest of early adopters. The app, which was created by Vine founder Dom Hofmann, is growing so fast that it crashed last week.

Peach is a super simple social network with numerous options for sharing. Users can type in one of the short-cut words and the app will automatically post for the user. For example, the user can type in “song” and the app will share whatever song is playing on their smartphone at that moment. Type in “move” and it will post how many steps you’ve recorded today.


There are a couple of things that Peach doesn’t do yet. Peach users have no way to direct message or private message their friends. There is also no way to verify the numerous “celebrity” accounts that have popped up on the social network, according to Digital Trends.

Re/code reports that the early traction doesn’t prove anything about the app’s success just yet. Peach may be able to attract some investors, but it may fade just as quickly as Ello and Beme. One of the problems of early popularity is that people download the app with high expectations, and they might be disappointed when they find out it’s just another way to post an emoji.

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