New SiRFusion Tracking Tech Can Follow People Everywhere

Cambridge, UK-based CSR has developed a new technology that can monitor your every move by tracking information from your mobile device. The technology, known as SiRFusion, was designed to provide users with instantaneous directions for areas that often go undetected by other GPS apps, but also has compelling advertising potential. The technology makes use of GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cloud computing to yield accurate results. CSR recently unveiled an SDK for Android developers.

“CSR’s technology can be built into any Android app, so [it] could be used by any company that wants to track people’s locations or provide indoor navigation,” reports Wired. “Such advanced indoor location tracking is a potential boon for advertisers and companies that want to stalk your every move.”


As customers grow to rely on the technology, some predict the fear of being “monitored” will quickly go away. Dave Huntingford, director of product line for location at CSR, predicts such technology will grow to be invaluable in certain settings.

“Using this technology in an airline application would allow the airline to offer guidance through the airport,” and notify travelers of any and all information prevalent to the onboarding process, he explained. In a work environment, the technology could be used to help measure the efficiency of its employees.

The SiRFusion technology essentially crowdsources mobile data from those devices connected to or searching for Wi-Fi under the same roof. “Anyone who keeps the Wi-Fi connection on their phone turned on all the time will constantly be revealing their presence to any nearby networks, even if they never connect,” notes the article.

CSR promises it plans to use SiRFusion responsibly. The new tech does not work if the Wi-Fi feature is turned off and the company vows to never store unique data on its servers.