Hollywood Executives Discuss Piracy with President Obama

Entertainment media execs met with President Obama this week to discuss including copyright protections in new trade agreements and help in facilitating improved relations between Hollywood and Silicon Valley. During the meeting, the president offered his administration’s assistance in bridging the divide between the two industries. A priority in Hollywood is to stop search engines from linking to websites that stream pirated content.

Last year, the Motion Picture Association of America pushed for Congress to pass two anti-piracy laws that were met with resistance by Silicon Valley.

Hollywood is looking for provisions in upcoming trade agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, “that ensure other countries protect intellectual property with standards similar to those used in the U.S.,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

“Mr. Obama spoke with a who’s-who of major studio and network leaders, including Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger, CBS Corp. CEO Leslie Moonves, and Kevin Tsujihara, the head of Time Warner Inc’s Warner Brothers,” notes WSJ. “The nearly hour-long discussion occurred after the president took a tour of the DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. campus in Glendale Calif. and before he delivered an address on the economy to the crowd there.”

During his speech, President Obama discussed the troubled rollout of his health care law in addition to a number of policy issues. He praised the film and TV industries for their impact on the economy and promoting American values worldwide. The president also asked industry leaders to not promote gun violence in the wake of mass shootings.