Holiday Shoppers Buy Record Number of Products on Amazon

Amazon experienced its “best ever” holiday shopping season, with its voice-controlled Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers leading sales, followed by the Fire TV Stick and $50 Amazon Fire tablet. Sales of the Alexa-enabled devices were nine times higher than sales during the previous year’s holiday season and the company had trouble keeping them in stock. Amazon Prime members reportedly purchased more than one billion items over the holiday season. The online retailer said its customers purchased enough 4K TVs to scale Mount Everest more than nine times. Among the top sellers included Samsung’s 32-inch smart LED TV and Avera’s 32-inch LED TV.

Last minute shopping led to peak shipping on December 19, while December 23 received the most Prime Now delivery orders. “More than 72 percent of Amazon’s customers worldwide shopped through mobile devices,” notes Reuters.


“Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon” for the Nintendo 3DS were the best selling video games.

According to a slideshow posted on eWeek, the season’s hottest sellers included smart home devices, wearables and the aforementioned Echo speakers. Among the products featured in the slideshow are Samsung’s $23 Wireless Charging Pad, Garmin’s $200 Vivoactive HR activity monitor, the $30 TP-Link Smart Plug, and the $75 Samsung SmartThings Hub.

“There was a lot of sparkle this holiday season as well: 10,451 carats of diamonds were purchased on the website, and a watch was sold every 1.5 seconds,” reports CNN Money. “Amazon reported shoppers ordered enough ‘Hamilton: The Revolution’ collectible books and albums to give every guest at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City (which has 1,319 seats and is where the show performs), a copy for 96 consecutive shows.”