Google is About More Than Just Search and Smartphones

While Google is best known for its powerful Web search engine, Android mobile operating system and acquisition of YouTube in 2006, it also offers lesser-known, but impressive services. From exploration to academia to art and much more, Google’s online products and services aim to inform users, improve lives and make them more secure. Business Insider lists 11 Google initiatives you may never knew existed.

Google Mars is similar to Google Earth but allows users to explore the red planet. Google Scholar is a search engine for scholarly articles, which is “pretty expansive, letting you access articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other Web sites,” writes Business Insider.

Google Art Project is a site that lets users take virtual tours of museums and art galleries. Google Transliterate “is a service that helps users type in a different language.” Build with Chrome is a partnership between Google Australia and Lego and is a way to show how Google’s Chrome Web browser can display 3D images.

Then there’s Google Think, “a site for advertisers and similar professions to get marketing insights and inspiration straight from Google,” according to the article. And Power Searching with Google is a feature that sharpens users search skills. Additionally, “Schemer is a network that helps plan things to do with your friends. The service works especially well in densely populated areas.”

The article also lists Google Sound Search, which is a similar service to the popular song-indentifying app Shazam — and Google Moderator, which is an open forum for discussing topics, asking questions and sharing ideas. It helps users receive feedback on any desired topic.