Glassware: Google Announces New Apps for Glass Device

Google’s Internet-connected Glass device will soon feature seven new apps, which the company hopes will makes the glasses more functional. The Glassware apps, announced at the I/O developers conference yesterday, include Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, reminder notes from Evernote, news alerts from CNN and fashion features from Elle. The seven additions join Path and The New York Times as the only apps currently available on Glass.

As previously reported on ETCentric, the Google connected glasses already feature various Google services including search and maps, and the ability for users to perform text messaging and record photos and video.

“Just as apps transformed smartphones from cellphones into devices that have become essential to daily life for many people, so Google hopes that apps will make Glass more functional,” reports The New York Times. “Still, Google is moving slowly and cautiously in opening Glass to developers. Apps have limited access to Glass users’ data, for instance, and for now, cannot include ads.”

Google says it wants developers to create apps specifically tailored for Glass, rather than merely translating existing mobile apps to the new device.

“Google has given Glassware developers four pieces of advice: keep it short and sweet for the small screen, make sure alerts are relevant, send timely information people need on the go and make tasks easier and more seamless than they are on other devices,” explains the article.

NYT describes how each of the new apps function specifically on Google Glass, and notes that photos, previously only shareable via Google Plus, can now be shared on Facebook.

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