Future Internet Games: Disney Teams with Abertay University

Disney has launched the Future Internet Games Contest with Scotland’s Abertay University in an attempt to find games that blend physical and digital worlds. The contest revolves around three key areas. The first involves consumer products, which includes games based on fashion, toys, etc. The second area is location-based installations that intend to engage visitors with real world objects. The third is citywide games that encourage a large quantity of players to engage with the game in an urban environment.

“The partnership with Abertay University focuses on Future Internet Content’s pervasive games platform which aims to enable app developers to build, host and operate multiplayer mobile games that merge real-world and virtual content,” reports Wired.

“Games have incredible power to bring people together, to entertain and to change how we perceive the world around us,” said Louis Natanson, leader of the computer games education programmes at Abertay University. “Future Internet technologies, and the hugely powerful smartphones everyone carries with them, offer an unprecedented opportunity for designers and programmers to build entirely new ways for large groups of people to play together in the real world.”

The deadline for contest submissions is June 10, and the prize is 2,000 British Pounds. The winner will also receive opportunities to work with BBC, Orange, and other Disney consortium partners.

For more information, visit the contest website.

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