Full-Length Feature Film to Be Shot Entirely on Apple iPhone

Production is scheduled to begin in June for what is claimed to be the first full-length feature film shot entirely with an Apple iPhone. The film is under a SAG-AFTRA production contract — “Ultra Low Budget” — and will be shot on the newest iPhone, the 5s. Writer/director/producer Brian Kowalchuk and crew are working with Apple executives to address the challenges of logistics. The production has a target release date of April 2015.

The film is a comedy/drama called “Ode,” and production is scheduled to last 22 days. Though SAG cannot confirm that Kowalchuk’s iPhone film is the first of its kind, SAG’s Charlesetta Raymond tells The Hollywood Reporter, “I am unaware of any other iPhone films applying [to be SAG signatories].”

“I look forward to the challenges of making this film with the iPhone 5s,” producer Randy Turrow tells THR. “We will no doubt encounter obstacles, but it will also be exciting and on the forefront of what is happening today with digital technology. It’s also great that we are going to produce this motion picture locally with low budget tiered union contracts.”

Kowalchuk tells THR the production has enough financing to start shooting, but that they are “seeking further financing.” He also says the resolution of the film will also need to be boosted “about 5 percent” for theatrical release.

“In 2013, two movies partly shot on iPhones earned kudos,” says THR. Those films were the Oscar-winning documentary “Searching for Sugar Man” and the National Society of Film Critics’ pick for best experimental film, “This Is Not a Film” — proving that iPhone footage is, in fact, good enough for the big screen.

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