Facebook Teams with Rovi: TV and Movies Get More Social

Facebook announced this week a partnership with Santa Clara-based Rovi Corporation that will integrate the Rovi Video digital entertainment service into the social platform. Rovi’s database of TV shows, movies and celebrity information will be integrated with Facebook profiles, allowing users to share details of content they like. The partnership comes following Facebook’s Timeline update, which includes the ability for users to tell friends what they were watching.

“Rovi’s role within the Facebook platform gives application developers the opportunity to leverage entertainment data to be incorporated into their apps,” reports The Next Web. “App users can then interact with it when dealing with entertainment-related content. Not only that, but Rovi’s other social media products can also tie back into Facebook data. According to the company, its Rovi IDs can be linked to Facebook Page IDs which will allow Rovi customers to link to the Facebook content when looking up specific movies or TV shows.”

Rovi services include home network connections, content protection, video delivery platforms and metadata related to movies, TV, music, games and books. The company’s media guide technology involves an interactive on-screen portal to online, broadcast and personal entertainment content.

Facebook expects that social interaction with video entertainment will continue its expansive growth, and the deal with Rovi will “help provide the backdrop that we need to enable developers to create a connected experience for consumers in their apps and services,” says Ime Archibong, Facebook’s manager of Platform Partnerships.

“The potential of this agreement is also realized when dealing with second screen applications like Zeebox and NextGuide,” suggests TNW. “Now, while users are watching shows like ‘Glee,’ ‘The Voice,’ ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ or ‘Mad Men,’ those activities can be shared to Facebook whereby it can utilize the Rovi data to enhance the experience. Other services are already taking advantage of it — Google signed a multi-year licensing agreement with Rovi in August 2012.”