CES: Glance Clock Provides New Uses for a Familiar Object

Glance Clock offers a visual solution for dealing with daily information overload. The stylish modern clock is linked by Bluetooth for proximity response or Wi-Fi for building wide connections to mobile phones. The device highlights select information as it updates on a smartphone or digital assistant. Calendars break down the day in colorful graphics on the clock face. Users can highlight notifications about to-do items and important events, anniversaries and more. Weather forecasts are announced by colorful animations and related details. As a direct indication of wider scale ambient reach, it also can display responses from Alexa or announce an Uber arrival with visuals and sounds.

The aluminum frame is contrasted with three fabric faces that allow the visual elements to appear only when needed so its normal appearance is that of a clean and stylish clock. It is available in silver, graphite and copper fabric.


The package includes a matching hanger, power adapter for quarterly recharging, charging cable and user manual.

Glance Clock is currently available at $149 for the Bluetooth version (Wi-Fi will be available in November for an additional $30 cost). The device is currently available on Indiegogo for $129 as a 72-hour flash sale.

The product could potentially ease some of our growing phone reliance that often leads to distraction and procrastination. “An average user picks up his phone more than 1,500 times each week,” claims the company.

Glance Clock “syncs with your iOS and Android apps and reminds you of important events, displays calls, and updates from fitness trackers and more. Glance Clock helps you to keep your hands and mind off the phone and do the important stuff.”

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