CBS Launches Full Episode Streaming with Free iOS App

CBS is the latest to join networks including NBC, ABC and TBS with a free full-length streaming app for its TV content. With the new iOS app for Apple devices, viewers can watch their favorite programming such as “NCIS” and “How I Met Your Mother” eight days after episodes premiere on TV, all in HD. Available now for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the free app also includes second screen features.

“We have been methodically and strategically finding new ways to satiate the appetite for our content on new platforms, while tapping into the tremendous revenue provided by doing so,” said Leslie Moonves, president and CEO, CBS Corporation in a press release.

“Our announcement today achieves both of these objectives, while protecting our very healthy current ecosystem,” he explained. “In addition — by making our shows available on all the leading mobile devices out there — we are confident we will bring a whole new set of viewers to the CBS Television Network and build upon our standing as the #1 network in the business.”

CBS, which just signed an agreement with Hulu in January, is expanding its streaming offerings with the new iOS app. According to SlashGear, users can watch full episodes in HD, and chat about what they are watching with a feature called Live Social Feeds. There are also special features for setting reminders and a schedule to see what is broadcasting. Streaming for daytime and late night programming will be available within 24 hours.

“Our online viewers not only want to watch their favorite shows on multiple devices, they want deeper engagement with the programs they love,” said Jim Lanzone, president of CBS Interactive. “The new CBS App gives them the best of both worlds, letting people watch CBS shows on the best screen available for them, with a host of extra features that give them a richer viewing experience whenever and wherever they tune in.”

Once the fall television season starts, the CBS app will combine with the current “CBS Connect,” which allows viewers to comment on shows. For now, the new app streams to Apple devices, but CBS said it plans to expand to other operating systems including Android and Windows 8 later this year, reports Engadget.

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