Cable Subscribers Can Watch TV from Anywhere via NimbleTV

NimbleTV now allows users to stream live TV for free, no matter where they are. The cloud-based service can stream via computer, Android phone, iPad, iPhone, Roku and Apple TV. With any cable subscription, users can view the same channels as they can on their television, with the option to search for favorite shows. While expansion to nine other cities is expected this year, the user’s choice of cable company is currently limited to a subscription from an address in New York or Chicago.

“The company’s philosophy is that if you’re already paying for a cable subscription, you should be able to sign in and watch the content that you’re already paying for on any device you wish, and in any country,” reports Business Insider.


The channel guide works very similar to a typical TV guide. A blue arrow allows users to change the channel, and a menu button brings up more options.

In order to record shows using the service, the user either needs a subscription that includes DVR storage, or can use a service from NimbleTV. NimbleTV’s HD-DVR storage plan starts with 10 hours of recording time for $4.99 a month.

“Once a show has been recorded, you can watch it at your leisure from any device, even if you’re in another country,” explains BI. “It’s a great option for college students to bring their family’s cable plan with them to campus without having to buy a new plan.”