Autodesk Stingray, Ideal Program for Mid-Small Sized Studios

Autodesk has launched Stingray, a game engine with design tools targeting for smaller studies that are looking for customization without the need for excessive programming. The engine is equipped with node-based scripting tools, however it also offers Stingray’s C++ source code for companies looking for more customization. Stingray provides quicker feedback, and will be bundled with Maya LT to provide artists with a modeling and animation app. It will arrive for Windows beginning mid-August for $30 a month.

The new revamped interface will have “all the bells and whistles of competing products” reports Engadget. Although it competes with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5, it is targeting small to mid-sized studios.

Stingray includes a “Live Link” feature that allows for multi-platform testing, meaning designers will be able to instantly see results on an iPhone, and no longer wait for a cycle. It works across Wi-Fi networks, and covers Android, iOS, Windows, Oculus Rift, Ps4 and Xbox One platforms.

Additionally, Maya LT will be bundled with Stingray, which will allow for extra integration. The combination of Maya LT with Live Link will allow users to modify a model within Maya LT and see the changes in Stingray in real-time. The company believes this will make the product useful for design and architectural visualization.