ARM’s New Chip for Smartphones Increases Processing Power

ARM Holdings has unveiled a new chip that is expected to drastically improve graphics, finally making smartphones fit for high-definition games and videos. The company says that its Cortex-A72 will boost memory performance by 30 percent and graphics speed by 80 percent. With a more powerful chip, ARM is hoping to continue fostering growth in the smartphone industry. The company is also working on technology for the Internet of Things, including smart home devices and smart street lights.

mobileThe Cortex-A72 is 3.5 times more powerful and more energy efficient than its predecessor, ARM’s Cortex-A15. At a similar performance level, the Cortex A72 uses 75 percent less energy than the A15, reports Engadget. The graphics core used 40 percent less energy, even though this graphics core has the ability to record 4K video at 120 frames-per-second. Many smartphones can currently only record video at 30 frames-per-second.

Phones with the A72 chip will be available next year. Ian Ferguson, vice president of segment marketing for ARM, believes the smartphones with this tech will eventually replace tablets and desktops as the primary computing device, reports Bloomberg.

ARM’s technology, which is already used in more than 95 percent of smartphones, will soon be integrated into other devices as well. The company is building software that would allow smart devices, like Internet-connected thermostats or street lights, to organize and store their data in the cloud.