Zeiss VR One GX: Superior Optics in a Well Designed HMD

Zeiss, known for high quality lenses, has applied its knowledge of optics to the VR One GX, a phone-based head mounted display featured at CES this week. The HMD looks like the Samsung Gear VR, but there are a number of key differences inside. The lenses are designed to be distortion-free over the full field of view. They are designed to accommodate a wide range of interocular distances (so there is no need to adjust the lenses side-to-side). The ‘eye box’ is large and deep enough to accommodate eyewear, so anyone who wears glasses can leave them on when using the VR One GX.

Unlike the Gear VR, Zeiss’s unique phone-tray solution enables the VR One GX to work with any smartphone on the market today.


Zeiss will supply the customer with a tray that correctly and securely holds their specific phone. If Zeiss does not have a tray to match, the company will custom 3D-print one.

The device is fully compatible with the Google Cardboard app ecosystem.

Instead of swiping the right side of the HMD to start and stop the video, the device has a one button magnetic slider that attaches to either side of the HMD. Zeiss wants to make both right-handed and left-handed users happy.

The Zeiss VR One GX has an MSRP of $129, including one phone tray. Additional trays are available for $10 each.

Zeiss is exhibiting its new headset in LVCC South Hall (#26819).