Warner Music Group Uses Shazam to Identify Breakout Artists

Warner Music Group has entered a partnership with Shazam to gain access to unique customer data. This data will allow Warner Music Group to see how often songs are listened to, and help them find breakout artists. Shazam is a popular smartphone app that helps consumers identify songs, and has about 500 million song identification requests per month. Due to this large volume, Shazam’s data gives a strong indication of which songs are popular with the public.

Warner Music is hoping that the use of Shazam will help streamline the process of finding new artists. Most people use the Shazam app when they aren’t sure about the song they are hearing on the radio, in a store, in a bar, or wherever they are, and want to be able to save it to hear it again.

“If it pinpoints artists making waves on Shazam, Warner says, it will sign them to a new, Shazam-branded record label,” reports Wired. “These acts will then be able to reach back into Shazam for marketing purposes, communicating with the Shazam users who tagged their songs and helped launch their careers.”

Shazam will also help Warner Music sort through the songs, to help them find artists to sign in a faster and easier process.

This new partnership follows the growing trend of traditional record labels pairing up with new technology. Many record labels are using YouTube to recruit new talent, and Warner Music’s rival, Universal Music, has launched its own YouTube label.

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