Vimeo PRO: Same Cost, More Storage and Unlimited HD Plays

Vimeo reintroduced its Vimeo PRO service this week, with several major upgrades including up to 1TB of storage and unlimited HD plays. The service is targeting professional film and video makers, offering new options at the same subscription rate it unveiled when the service was first introduced two years ago. Vimeo also announced its VIP customer service plan, FTP support and Vimeo On Demand feature for monetizing video content.

According to the press release, the new Vimeo PRO features:

  • Up to 1TB of Storage A Year: Vimeo PRO members now get 20GB of storage per week, up to 1TB a year — equivalent to about 5 hours of HD video per week, with no limit on the number or duration of videos. This is up to 20X the annual capacity of the previous Vimeo PRO account.
  • Unlimited HD Plays: Vimeo PRO now offers unlimited playback anywhere members’ videos appear: on, embedded on other sites, and on connected TVs and mobile devices.
  • VIP Customer Support – Response Within 1 Hour: Vimeo PRO members worldwide receive support email responses within 1 hour on business days, around the clock, and within 1 day on weekends, Eastern Time.
  • The Latest Vimeo On Demand Features to Sell and Rent Videos: Vimeo PRO members have access to the newest version of Vimeo’s direct-distribution platform, Vimeo On Demand, which enables creators to set their own rent and buy pricing, sell preorders of their work, and earn money from viewers with a 90/10 revenue split (after transaction costs).
  • Unchanged $199/Year Price: The new Vimeo PRO remains available for $199/year.

“Vimeo president Dae Mellencamp told StudioDaily that adding 1TB of storage and unlimited HD plays — the two biggest requests from current users — without increasing the current $199 per year cost is meant to be ‘disruptive, not just competitive,'” reports StudioDaily.

“The original intention of Vimeo PRO, she said, was to create ‘a super high-quality and cost-effective solution for creative pros and small businesses. Our users loved the service, but we started hearing more and more that they didn’t want the storage cap. We always want to give our customers more and we’re constantly listening to feedback. What we came up with was a way to essentially disrupt our own service by giving them what they want without charging them for it. Essentially, we just took away limits wherever we could so our users just don’t have to think about it.'”

“If people were worried about caps in the past, they can now get up to 20GB per week, translating to over 1TB per year, with the new plan,” she said. “This was a key part of the relaunch and we’re really excited about it.”

The revamped Vimeo PRO includes a VIP customer service feature that includes live tech support from Vimeo headquarters in New York. “Our support is all full-time staff in house—it is not outsourced,” said Mellencamp. “These are the same people that we work with as a team, from development to product, every day.”

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