Twitter Releases New Mobile App Designed for Android Tablets

Twitter has finally developed a more robust full-screen experience with its new app designed specifically for Android tablets. The app, introduced last Thursday, will initially work only with Samsung tablets, but will be made available for other Android tablets by the end of the year. Twitter has added some Samsung-specific innovations, including simultaneous multi-app views; a Twitter widget that delivers breaking news, sports, and photos; and the ability to annotate images in tweets.

“While we’ve long offered a mobile app for Android users, we’ve not yet provided an app that is optimized for Android tablets — until now,” Twitter explained in a blog post. “The landscape view fills your screen with tweets, conversations, trends, accounts to follow, and more.”

“With a single tap, tweets expand on the right side to show photos, videos and article previews,” notes Twitter. “Dive deeper with another tap to see photos, play videos or read links from the Web in fullscreen mode.”

Twitter for Android Tablets will initially be available on Samsung tablets, starting with the Galaxy Note 10.1. The app will be available for other Android tablets by the end of the year, according to Twitter.

New features include a multi-screen view that allows users to open Twitter and other apps at the same time, a widget that brings Twitter content directly to your tablet (similar to the Facebook Home feature), and the ability to draw on tweets and photos using your finger or Samsung S-Pen.

“The partnership with Samsung is interesting, but somewhat odd,” suggests VentureBeat. “Twitter users with other kinds of tablets — Kindle Fire, anyone — might want to use Twitter on their tablets as well. And while Samsung has been more successful than most at Android tablet sales, it is far from the only game in town. Twitter, you would think, runs the risk of alienating Android users who have purchased other company’s tablets.”

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