TheTake Looks to Convert Product Recognition to B2B Service

TheTake, a startup that helps viewers purchase the products that they see in movies and television shows, is now turning its image recognition technology into a business-to-business service. The company is selling the service to major studios and entertainment sites so that they can generate extra revenue from identifying marketable products and locations. TheTake built the technology by training an AI to look for matches from the company’s database of more than 10 million products.

According to TheTake’s AI website, the product recognition technology can be integrated via an API or a single line of code. The AI analyzes every frame of a video for products and presents matches at different price points from their merchant partners. The company also shares revenue from purchases with the video publishers.


TheTake is currently working with some major studios to launch the AI. TechCrunch reports, “Companies like Universal Pictures, Comcast, Bravo, E!, Fandango, Sony Pictures and the Hallmark Channel, are testing out the AI-based service now.” TheTake imagines that these clients would be able to make money from selling clothes seen on screen and even tours of set locations.

About 500,000 people use TheTake directly to buy products, but the company plans to begin focusing on its B2B service. The company has already raised $2 million from investors.

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