Startup Demos Virtual Reality Audio with Neoh Headphones

3D Sound Labs, a French company exhibiting in the Eureka Park startup area at the 2015 International CES, demonstrated new headphones that combine head tracking and software to dynamically tune sound that creates what the company describes as “the most immersive, wearable sound experience.” According to CEO and co-founder Xavier Bonjour, a former Technicolor executive, the Neoh headphones produce an experience that does for sound what virtual reality technology is producing visually.

The headphones take existing audio and precisely maps it to the ear canal where the subtle dimensions of sound are understood by the brain. The technology is fully compatible and complementary to audio standards such as DTS and Dolby.


The experience of listening to a movie with the Neoh headphones is as if you were sitting in a movie theater and turned your head.

3D Sound Labs was founded just less than a year ago and according to Gizmodo, the company plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign this month with the first products shipping this spring.

CES attendees can check out the headphones in Eureka Park (Tech West, booth #75663). We’ve posted a short video interview with Bonjour from the 3D Sound Labs booth.