Starbucks Mobile App to Add Feature: Online Orders for Pickup

Starbucks will soon allow its customers to place orders using the company’s mobile app. The service will have a test run before the end of the year and will roll out nationwide shortly after. The idea is to make the order/purchase process more convenient while reducing wait times at locations. The feature should also make it easier for those who place large orders. The move may be a natural next step for some, since a growing number of customers already use the mobile app at checkout.

Starbucks_WiFi_Google“Assuming the consumer has a credit card number on file in the app and likely enrolled in the Starbucks Rewards program, payments will also be handled at the time of purchase,” reports Digital Trends. “Interestingly, 14 percent of all orders at Starbucks are paid for using the mobile app already, basically when checking out at the register after placing an order in person.”

The biggest challenge may be managing quality of product, since it could be difficult to gauge how long a customer will take to arrive after ordering. Taco Bell has experienced the same challenge with its online ordering.

“Taco Bell is attempting to fix this problem by using the GPS location of the customer’s mobile phone to trigger the creation of an order,” notes the article. “Starbucks could try something similar, but would have to factor in how the customer is traveling to the store. Many Starbucks consumers in large cities simply walk to the nearest location while a suburban location will see more consumers driving to the store.”

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