SmartThings Launches Online Market for Internet of Things

In an effort to promote its own Internet-of-Things devices, startup SmartThings is launching an online marketplace that offers starter kits and an array of devices and solution sets that help manage the home. SmartThings first launched its products via Kickstarter in September, including a hub and variety of sensors to track movement and manage devices, providing users with home automation solutions controlled largely by smartphones.

In the spring, SmartThings opened its platform to third-party developers, in order to connect a growing number of devices. While developers have responded, finding compatible hardware has remained challenging.

“To provide a more accessible place to find SmartThings things, the company is rolling out an online shop that will at first feature a curated selection of goods to help consumers get up and running,” reports TechCrunch. “At the center of the initiative are a couple of starter kits that include a SmartThings hub, which is necessary to power all the other associated gadgets.”

“Once consumers have the hub, they can begin adding individual devices from the store, including those made by SmartThings as well as those made by other manufacturers such as GE, Schlage, Kwikset, and Aeon but compatible with the SmartThings platform.”

“Solution Sets” that solve common problems by combining multiple devices will also be offered. These includes home automation tasks such as locking and unlocking doors, dimming lights, detecting leaks, and controlling appliances remotely with a mobile device.

Customers will be able to purchase products online via the SmartThings site, as well as the company’s iOS app (an Android version will soon be available). In the future, SmartThings expects the shop to be more open to third-party developers and more manufacturers offering additional products.