SingularityNET: Where Artificial Intelligence Meets Blockchain

Two things you may be tired of hearing about by now: AI and blockchain. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention a unique and ambitious project marrying the two to challenge the power of the giants of the AI Age. SingularityNET is a blockchain-powered “Internet of AI” where AI and machine learning applications can be created, combined, and “rented” to solve problems as part of a decentralized marketplace powered by blockchain. This blog post from one of the founders of SingularityNET digs deeper, but it’s a BYOGS (“bring your own grain of salt”) kind of party.

DISCLOSURE: While I have not personally contributed to the SingularityNET project, the firm I head as CEO (Novamente) has been involved in building both the MindCloud architecture and the SingularityNET project.


Some of my closest friends and associates at Novamente (including Ben Goertzel) have been playing a central role in SingularityNET. In addition, Hanson Robotics, one of the companies involved in SingularityNET, is a member of the Entertainment Technology Center, which publishes this newsletter.