Project Spark Lets Users Build Their Own Games Using Kinect

Project Spark enables game fans to create their own games. Gamers can create any type of game world they desire, from rugged mountains to scorching deserts to beautifully lush jungles. They can also design opponents, monsters and other characters to inhabit their world. While this may be similar to a “sim” game, it is essentially the Xbox One features, specifically motion tracking and facial recognition, that truly set Project Spark apart as a creative tool.

The basic tools to create a game are easy for users.

“The appropriate menu shows you a list of control combinations in icon form (such as thumbstick + direction =) and you simply add the desired action,” explains Engadget. “This same pick-and-choose style menu system has everything you want to create your game, and that includes geographical features, character powers, game dynamics, behaviors and more.”

However, the true creativity lies in the Xbox features. Gamers can record action sequences, facial features, and their own voice and then implement that into their game using the new HD Kinect.

“Our demonstrator went in full-bore with an ogre like stomping motion, complete with gruesome facial moves, and seconds later the onscreen beast was doing just the same. You can even record in a sequence, and watch it run back in real time, while you adjust the loop length and in/out points to get the menacing stride just right,” reports Engadget.

With Project Spark, gamers can collaborate on projects over the cloud and share their creations with others.

While there is a maximum size that a world can be, multiple worlds can be pieced together, providing unlimited room for creativity.

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