Nvidia Introduces Cloud Services to Leverage AI Capabilities

Nvidia is launching new cloud services to help businesses leverage AI at scale. Under the banner Nvidia AI Foundations, the company is providing tools to let clients build and run their own generative AI models that are custom trained on data specific to the intended task. The individual cloud offerings are Nvidia NeMo for language models and Nvidia Picasso for 3D visuals including video and images. Speaking at Nvidia’s annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) last week, CEO Jensen Huang said “the impressive capabilities of generative AI have created a sense of urgency for companies to reimagine their products and business models.”

Huang unveiled systems and services geared toward enterprise but perhaps also suitable for startups interested in deploying AI on a global scale. At GTC, he announced partnerships with Google, Microsoft and Oracle, and used examples of the new systems at work.

With Microsoft, Nvidia will participate in connecting “hundreds of millions of Microsoft 365 and Azure users to a platform for building and operating hyper-realistic virtual worlds” for the industrial metaverse.

Huang emphasized Nvidia’s integral role in AI development, dating back to 2016, when he “hand-delivered to OpenAI the first Nvidia DGX AI supercomputer — the engine behind the large language model breakthrough powering ChatGPT,” according to a blog post summarizing his 80-minute GTC kickoff.

Nvidia’s conversational AI toolkit NeMo and the generative image platform Picasso will provide pre-training models in addition to “frameworks for data processing, APIs and support from Nvidia engineering staff,” TechCrunch writes, explaining that “once models are ready for deployment, enterprises can run them in Nvidia’s cloud or elsewhere.”

NeMo is in early access while Picasso is in private preview. Access is by application. “Nvidia AI Foundations let enterprises customize foundation models with their own data to generate humanity’s most valuable resources — intelligence and creativity,” Huang said in an announcement about Getty Images, Morningstar, Quantiphi and Shutterstock using Foundations to customize models.

In additon to Picasso and NeMo, Foundations is offering Nvidia BioNeMo for biological applications. Customers are urged to optimize the sysetms using the Nvidia DGX Cloud, as explained in this overview.

Nvidia also says it’s working with Adobe on developing the generative AI models that will power Adobe’s recently announced Firefly suite of generative AI products.

“AI Foundations will allow businesses lacking the time and money to develop their own models from scratch to ‘to build, refine and operate custom large language models and generative AI models that are trained with their own proprietary data and created for their unique domain-specific tasks,’” Engadget reports.

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