New IMDb App Update Includes Ability to Buy Movie Tickets

The free IMDb app, currently available as iOS and Android versions, now offers U.S. users the ability to purchase movie tickets. The update follows similar offerings from other apps such as Fandango and Apple’s Siri. Users can also tap on the “Search via Amazon Mobile” button in the iPhone or iPad app to learn more about purchasing movies and TV shows on DVD or Blu-ray (requires that the Amazon Mobile app is installed).

“The iPhone app has also now added one tap access to the full cast and filmography lists, which now actually scroll like they should, which is fantastic,” reports The Next Web. “This has been an annoyance as it’s been tougher than it should to just see the info you want to see in the app. Still easier than the website though, and there is now extensive ‘watch list’ support for future movie viewing.”

IMDb, the largest database of movie-related information (and owned by Amazon), has expanded its offerings in recent years to include features such as movie trailers and forums. The app update includes the movie ticket feature, the “Search via Amazon Mobile” feature, more celebrity bios, and a “Coming Soon” bar that adds release dates to your calendar.

“What is nice about the IMDb app is that it manages to clear away a lot of the cruft that has gathered around the essential information related to a movie’s production,” suggests TNW. “That info has managed to cluster around the central functions of IMDb over the last few years, making it less and less pleasant to use. The app is still very nice and a permanent resident of my movies folder.”

The IMDb app is available via the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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