New Eyeglass Technologies Create a Range of Possibilities

Three new technologies have recently arrived that bring new features to eyeglasses designed to improve vision and eyeglass shopping, but none of the three bring the Internet to one’s eyes like a Google Glass. Two of the three are actual eyeglasses: One can help an individual’s vision with adjustable lenses, and the other gives medical professionals enhanced viewing of patients. The third is an app that provides consumers the ability to try-on eyeglasses virtually before buying.

Adlens Variable Focus glasses ($40-$100) are liquid filled lenses that have variable-focus adjustable knobs on each side of the frame, allowing the user to change the pressure within the lens, which changes its power. Although they are fully adjustable, their lack of style may be an immediate shortcoming, according to The New York Times. Yet since the user can change the lens, it may be ideal in developing countries that do not have a sufficient number of optometrists available.

O2Amp Color-Assisting Glasses ($302) are tinted-lens glasses designed for medical professionals. They allow users to have “clearer view of veins and vasculature, bruising, cyanosis, pallor, rashes, erythema, and other variations in blood O2 level, and concentration,” explains NYT. The manufacturer also reports that the glasses may correct red-green colorblindness for some users.

3D Virtual Try-On App by is a free iPad app (pictured above) that creates a 3D image of the user’s head, allowing them to try on virtually 2,000 glasses from the company’s product line. A user can navigate the app to see how a pair of eyeglasses looks on one’s face in different ways.

Android and iPhone versions of the app are coming. The 3D Virtual Try-On App may present a new level of virtual shopping that gives users the chance to try on a variety of clothing and accessories.