NAB: Blackmagic Unveils Two New Full-Frame Cine Cameras

Blackmagic Design has introduced two new attention-getting cameras at NAB 2024 in Las Vegas. The flagship URSA Cine 12K LF (large format) has a new full-frame sensor with 16-stop dynamic range, comes with 8TB of built-in storage, and starts at $14,995. It ships with a Canon EF mount, but also accommodates ARRI PL. Blackmagic will also make the URSA available with a 17K sensor, but has yet to share pricing (though it is expected to cost from $20,000 to $25,000). The $2,995 PYXIS 6K cinema box-style camera offers a choice of three lens attachments: EF, PL or L-mount.

“Surrounding the full frame 12K sensor is quite a bit of tech meant to streamline the process of getting video into the hands of editors and make shooting with a team easier,” writes ProVideo Coalition, describing the URSA Cine 12K LF as “purpose-built to serve professionals while trying to stay affordable.”

It offers “much more than a 12K camera,” and “was designed to remove all obstacles to getting pixels off the camera and into the editor’s hand as the production shoots.” PVC goes on to describe just how it does that with, among other things, Gen 5 color, “the current color profile for the 12K LF” and the new DaVinci Resolve update.

The full-frame sensor provides a 3:2 open gate image that “lets customers reframe their shots in post production,” Blackmagic explains in an URSA Cine 12K backgrounder that notes the standard 8TB of storage “allows customers to capture over 4 hours of Blackmagic RAW in 12K or a massive 20 hours in 4K.”

Meanwhile, “dropped in almost as an aside” among Blackmagic’s 20 new product announcements, Grant Petty — founder and CEO of the Australia-based company — tells Digital Camera World that the company is “working on the Blackmagic URSA Cine 17K, which will have a massive 65mm sensor with 17,520×8,040 pixels designed for shooting IMAX. The camera would use the larger LPL and Hasselblad lens mounts.”

At the entry level of the spectrum is the Blackmagic PYXIS 6K, which PetaPixel describes as “the ‘world’s most riggable’ full-frame cine camera,” citing “screw threads galore, enabling creators to easily add rigging, handles, EVFs, and other accessories to fit a diverse range of workflows.”

Blackmagic’s specs-filled PYXIS news release emphasizes customizability, writing that “with 3 models, customers can choose between L-Mount, EF or PL lenses, making Blackmagic PYXIS compatible with the largest range of cinema and photographic lenses in the world,” noting “the L-Mount model works with the latest full frame lenses from Leica, Panasonic and Sigma but can also accommodate lens adapters, allowing customers to use a wide variety of new and vintage lenses.”

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