Mobile Game App Demonstrates Another Use of Google Glass

The latest example of what can be done with Google Glass is “GlassBattle,” a multiplayer game developed by BrickSimple that can be played while performing everyday activities such as walking or buying groceries. Players can select their coordinates by voice, while viewing the game “board” on a small section of the Glass screen. The game plays similar to “Battleship” with a set grid, and each player taking a turn. The turns of each player are shown on two small grids within the Glass view.

“GlassBattle” was developed using Google’s Mirror API, the protocols and software tools that specify how apps work with Google Glass. The game offers playing over an Internet connection.

“‘GlassBattle’ is just another example of how developers are utilizing Glass to display and send information,” reports GigaOM. “Whether it’s checking the temperature on your Nest thermostat or turning auto climate on in your Tesla Model S, developers have fully embraced Glass’s capabilities — and each app shows a new side to how the technology can be further utilized.”

“GlassBattle isn’t the only app BrickSimple has developed since it gained access to the API,” notes the post. “Another app, VoteGlass, offers political organizers a way to access databases on the go, and DriveGlass is a display for driving.”

Apps for Glass may lack live data, but they demonstrate early capabilities for the wearable device, which may be released to the public sometime next year.

BrickSimple is limited on the number of users it can distribute “GlassBattle” to per day. This is due to server limits of Google’s API. But once Google removes the limit, more Glass players are expecting that will be speaking coordinates on the street.

The GigaOM post includes a 3-minute video demo.