Mobile App eBay Valet Handles the Selling Process for You

Auction and shopping site eBay is taking its Sell For Me service mobile with the launch of eBay Valet, an app that lets eBay handle every step of the selling process. The new iPhone app, designed and developed by the Israel Innovation Center, helps to determine an item’s value and list it online, and even handle the shipping once it is sold. Both the Web-based eBay Sell For Me and mobile eBay Valet are designed to make the online selling process more approachable for buyers and sellers.

eBay_Valet_AppThe approach is similar to that taken by the new wave of online consignments shops, but does not support selling clothes.

“Instead, on its Sell For Me website, eBay has been promoting how it can sell a number of other items for you, including electronics, collectibles, shoes, handbags, sporting goods, musical instruments and even automotive parts,” reports TechCrunch.

“However, it won’t work with just anything, such as bulky items heavier than 25 pounds, those in poor condition worth less than $40, media like DVDs and CDs, high-end valuables, and more.” The mobile app, currently part of a pilot program, is expected to have similar restrictions.

To start the process, a consumer takes a photo of the item to be sold and enters a description. The valet will soon “respond with a valuation range, and you’ll be asked if you still want to sell it,” notes the article. “If you have a box handy, eBay will send you a shipping label. If not, the company can send you a free, prepaid box instead.”

When the item sells via, under the valet’s account, the seller keeps 70 percent of the profits.

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