Microsoft Service to Bundle Xbox One, Xbox Live, Game Pass

After months of planning, Microsoft has announced its Xbox All Access service (formerly codenamed Project Largo) that will include the Xbox One console with Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass. As of now, the company will offer the subscription service at its retail stores and is also working to bundle it with other PC manufacturers. According to the Microsoft announcement, the company will offer the Xbox One S with Xbox All Access for $21.99 per month, and the Xbox One X with Xbox All Access for $34.99 per month, both deals for 24 months.

“After paying for 24 months, the subscription stops and the console is yours,” notes TechCrunch. “You can then choose to keep paying for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass or you can cancel your subscriptions — it’s your console after all.”

The Verge reports that, “Microsoft will limit its Xbox All Access service to U.S. consumers initially, but if it’s successful then it could appear in other markets in the future.” Microsoft is also working on a new $149 Xbox accessory, dubbed Washburn. It originally intended to introduce it at Gamescom, and “accidentally teased an ‘all-new Xbox hardware’ announcement before the company’s plans changed.” Now, the “mysterious accessory” will debut in October, “just after Microsoft’s launch of ‘Forza Horizon 4’.”

Variety reports that the subscription fee for Xbox All Access will vary, “depending on which console they wanted, to get an Xbox One or Xbox X along with the Xbox Live online service and Xbox Game Pass gaming subscription.” The news comes at the same time that “Microsoft continues to expand and push its Game Pass service, which gives subscribers unfettered access to the games on its service until the subscription runs out.”

Microsoft’s latest news was introduction of the beta of the Game Pass app “that allows users to search through the Game Pass library and start downloads on their Xbox,” the arrival of the “Master Chief Collection” to the service, and the Game Pass kick-off sale giving new users the service for two months for $2. Microsoft vice president of gaming Phil Spencer said, “eventually bringing the service to Windows would be a natural evolution.”

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